Draw Inspections

Lot less liability…why don’t you do that?

Why did it cost so much? I drive an hour each way to some of mine, asked for $15-$25 extra each even though they are all in the same area, and they paid it.

cause Tony likes big boy toys and drives a big truck:)

I like big toy boys too, but I drive a car. :wink:

My hubby just gave my daughter a 95 Saturn. I am thinking of stealing it for my draw and insurance inspections, just for the good gas mileage-but I love driving my Xterra:)

Yep, I’m going to purchase a hybrid for my next car. I’m going to be very happy getting somewhere close to 60-65 mpg (just a guess).

LOL…I know folks w/ hybrids and they aren’t getting nearly that…maybe it is the altitude here eh?

As for why did it cost so much…

It isn’t only the gas…I also put a value on my time.

Mileage will vary not only with our autos but also with what we need to make per day…I can make more money doing literally nothing but marketing then I can doing draw inspections…therefore, FOR ME…it isn’t worth it.

Wendy, I will stop trying to convince you that it isn’t worth it for me, based on my monetary needs, if you will stop arguing that it is worth it…based on your needs…ok?


PS…Hi Jamie! Glad to hear you are doing well.

Before you spend money on a hybrid, you may want to consider the following:






Quite possibly it is just me…an HOUR of my time to drive somewhere would not begin to be covered in the $ 15-25.00 .

Now back when I first started out quite possibly…but now with K-9 Groom-N,Inc, RadioPet Corporation, Electrical Service Specialists, ESS -Home INspections, ESS- Electrical Seminars and many other little ventures…just not worth my time…thats all…

Besides when they do send me one…lol…it is usually around the corner as Harrisonburg is quite small…lol…only 30,000 people…and I don’t do many draw inspections anyway…so no real problem…

Oh…they are super nice…hope I did not imply they were not…sorry as they have always been very nice on the phone…so no worries as distance is not an option for me…this is why I dont get inspections from 1 hour away…in my home town…I would charge an additional $ 125.00 just to drive it…why pay me when they get someone local…heck I dont blame them…

I’m not trying to convince anyone. I just make sure that I do my weekly or bi-weekly trips to town (which is an hour away) to do my shopping and stuff on the same days as I do draws or anything else monetary. Then I’m not paying the gas to do my shopping at least. :slight_smile: