Drawing of a Texas inspector.

I don’t think our InterNACHI decals will stick on horses though. :wink:

That’s why embroidery was invented! :wink:

Nick, don’t like it - the image. -are you serious? I’ve been in Texas since the late 70’s. But , I don’t wear Cowboy hats and in San Antonio do not see them worn during the day, nor do I wear pointed cowboy boots.! I don’t ride horsies either. I do see cowboy hats at weekend honki tonks that I don’t go to. :smiley:
I hope you are kidding w/ that logo! The rodeo only comes here once a year.
Oh, yeh- I am originally from the Philly area, like you Ben and Joe F.
New Texas logo please ! :p:mrgreen::shock::o:roll:

Its called branding. Every Texan immigrant gets slapped with the hot iron before the natives (except those from Albuquerque, New Mexico).