Drill for our own oil?

Are you in favor of new drilling for our own oil?

Should the govt. do it instead of the oil companys??

IMO - no.

Why not?

We’re not a Socialist state.

I do believe the government should operate enough of it’s own wells, to stock the strategic oil reserves. As a matter of national security. On second thought though, that would be smart wouldn’t it, so rule that out.

Outside the military when have you ever known the Gov’t to do anything right, on time and under budget. It would get so screwed up you wouldn’t be able to recongize it. We used to have a first rate education system until the government got involved (Dept of Education). That is only one example; there are literally thousands of others equally appalling.

Just before I retired from the Navy, one day I watched from my office where 6 Gov’t workers put in a STOP sign on a corner. Two workers, two supervisors and two safety observers; it took all day. Only thing was, it was on a street where no vehicle traffic was allowed. It was blocked off on both ends permanently and used for troop traffic (marching) only. Oh yeah, there were 4 Public Works vehicles tied up in this evolution as well.


Praying to batboy to lower fuel prices would probably work better than more drilling.


Since oil is there, what’s the harm in drillig?

Let’s build refineries too.
Doesn’t it make more sence to refine here instead of importing gasoline?

NO…the when the government gets involved everything costs 10 times as much and 100 times longer to produce

also one of larger issues is the lacking ability to refine the oil into gas we only have about a quarter of the refineries needed to supply to our citizenry but no one wants a refinery in their backyard.

I’ll take one! :mrgreen:

NO…the when the government gets involved everything costs 10 times as much and 100 times longer to produce

Isn’t that allready being done?? :wink:

It is just not on the up and up!! :mrgreen:



Conservation is (needs to be) a huge part of any long term energy plan. There is (a lot) of oil that has not been drilled and produced (ANWR) and possibly more off shore. That, along with refining oil shale in Colorado will go a long way toward easing the current situation.

If we continue to be wasteful, no plan will work forever, that is certainly something that needs to be addressed on all levels.

I suppose we could all get motorcycles that are fuel efficient - but think of the injuries that may occur! :wink:

Hope your feeling better.

I say drill away, with today’s tech we can be more self reliant by getting our own reserves into play, but it is still not the answer. Conserve, new technologies, and current green systems that should be made more available at a cheaper price to allow the switch over. Bottom line…There is no easy answer to this question, just a lot of wishes and dreams that we’ll never see. Last but not least… keep the government out of the whole thing!