Drink your Fluids

I just finished up my late morning inspection and have another late this afternoon. And here in the midwest it is stinkin hot. Just wanted to remind everyone to keep hydrated out there this week. Be safe and be careful. Good luck fellas.

I have a pee chart I can post in case your not sure if your dehydrated or not :).


Jack Daniels is a fluid, right??:roll: :roll: :roll:

it’s not just for breakfast anymore Jae…

That wouldn’t be a “flow” chart would it?

pee chart:

Yellow pee— Dehydrated

Clear pee — Your not

:slight_smile: :margarit:

They need a “chart” for that?!:shock: Must be a government program and took years of research and study.

Actually there’s different types of yellow and symptoms that is associated with it. lol


Glass of Sangria in hand now…I’m doing my part!

Soooooo florescent green cant be good? :shock:

Nope Peter, I’d have to call the medics :wink:

Sounds like Peter will need the Silver Bullet…Not the 12 oz kind…

good stuff guys. My AM inspection was hot as a bugger. Then the afternoon storm rolled in and I needed a canoe to get to my inspection.

Hydration for the most dire of home inspection survival situations. I’ve only had to do this in a few attics but it has saved my life! :slight_smile:


](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U_xmfSwYSw/quote) If you’ve done it a few times must not have been to bad, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

The lesson here is always drink your favorite beverage before you head out. :wink:

Ian, I feel your pain…I am currently at Volk Field for some training and it was HOT this a.m. and wet this p.m. Every year we come to Volf for this exercise and it’s always HOT!! Hopefully our EMEDS wasn’t flooded this year.:slight_smile:

Gawd I’m glad I live in CA. At least when it’s hot it isn’t 60% humidity, and we hardly get ANY rain between May and September.

sounds like You are spending way too much time in the attic John…:roll:

I heard Fresno is a dry heat,… if you live there, its basically training for hell! :mrgreen:

I have been to fresno many times when I lived near silicon valley and I can tell you this. When you are in Fresno if you look up you can see hell from there. ROFLMAO sorry could resist. Fresno is actually OK