Drip loop needed?

I feel like this needs to have a drip loop, but wanted to double check. In my rookie year, most of these have been easy, but this one looks different.

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Your right in my opinion, where the conductors come together should not be the bottom of the drip loop

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…and it looks like water can run through the mast head and right down the mast to the meter which isn’t good.


I wasn’t even thinking about head. Good info. Thanks.

No problem, it is my pleasure, Michael. :smile:

Is that the service right on top of the shingles

The service is on top of the shingles.

If you plumb your photos, it’s easier to tell. It’s not a good drip loop but not likely to put water down the masthead.

No. It just appears that way because of the way the photo is lined up.

That’s what it looked like sorta.