Drive by Inspection

I’ve been contacted twice by a Mortgage Company that wants pictures taken of a local home for them. Two pics is all they want: front, address, cars in driveway. I did it once and they called again. Anything I should worry about.

For a while there were “refinances with no appraisal” in areas where Federal Disaster zones were declared. They were just looking for visible damage on the exterior. Before you agree to some cheap price as a time filler, find out what the purpose of the drive by inspection is for. I charged $150 for the disaster inspection. Less than 5 minutes on site and a pre-filled out 1 page report. Ask the question so you don’t sell yourself short.

Tuckerman La, Potomac? Bro I grew up on LeHarve Drive, went to Hoover and Churchill. Iwell that was 35 years ago. In Gaithersburg now.


Many Years ago…
I did these…
Surveillance Inspections
Take the money and run… :slight_smile:

I do these all the time. The may have you check on the same address 2 or 3 times. 1 time each month.

People who hired me wanted to make sure the place was still standing and people still lived there.

I get a lot of the same requests. I actually missed out on one by not returning a call in time. 2 pictures, front and back of house. The house was 4 blocks away, and they were going to pay $50. That would have been sweet!

On the other hand, I was contacted by a company who wanted 6 or 7 properties with 25 photos each. 10 outside, 10 inside. They were at least 35 miles away, and 15 or more miles in between. They wanted to pay $15 each! I laughed, told them I’d do it for $150 each. They haven’t called back.

Just ask what it entails, what they pay, and decide if it’s worth it.

If your in the area when the request comes out do it. I have some of the same but will only do the request if i am in the area.

Pays for lunch or gas sometimes.

Make sure you know what the pay is and when you will get paid. 30/60 days.

DDN still owes $$ to me from a few after they went bellyup.