Drive More $$$ To Florida Inspectors

Fellow Inspectors.

We are in the development stages of launching…

A consumer service company specifically designed to facilitate Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspections for Florida homeowners.

This is NOT A WCE

Our company, in direct response from major independent insurance agencies, is designed to process the request and payment for these services statewide.

How we differ from a WCE

  1. All of the inspections are pre-paid. The consumer will utilize our website or call center to process the inspection order.

  2. Each Inspector Vendor (you) will have access to our website via user name and password to pull down all processed orders on a daily basis, call the client to schedule and execute the inspection.

  3. All Inspector Vendors will be qualified inspection professionals, verified prior to being granted a specific area of coverage. There will be NO double coverage. Once you are granted the specific coverage area, it’s yours.

  4. All Inspector Vendors will forward a Vendor Recap weekly for payment for inspections performed.

  5. An aggressive fee split with the Inspector Vendor (over 70% to you).

  6. Constant statewide marketing at no cost to you.

  7. All processing and Call Center costs paid by us.

  8. Direct marketing to major insurance carriers statewide paid by us.

  9. Direct marketing to major residential lenders statewide paid by us.

  10. Direct marketing to Florida Association of Realtors and independent agents statewide paid by us.

  11. Instructional materials for the insurance and real estate communities.

  12. Agent Partner program with customized direct marketing materials provided to the insurance and real estate communities at no charge.

  13. No outragious insurance requirements.

  14. No drug screening.

  15. No background investigation.

  16. A great way to add more revenue to your existing inspection business!

The site is not being designed to directly compete with your existing business rather to drive more to your existing. Our primary market segments are major lenders and insurance agencies that write policies statewide. These companies are writing over 3000 policies a month in Florida and are waiting for us to go live.

If you would like more information or submit a Vendor Enrollment Form, please email at our temporary address: or call me direct at 954-753-3755

Best regards,

David B. Manley

Fellow Inspectors,

We are still in need of solidfying certain areas of coverage within the state. We encourage you to take part in this great opportunity to drive more revenue to your existing inspection business.

Best regards,

David B. Manley