Drive Thru Window

Have a restaurant with a drive through window that does not have bollards in place for building protection against vehicles. Looking for code reference for vehicle barriers / bollards in the area of the bump out for the drive through window.
Anyone have info on when these are required or in what circumstances they are not required.


Mark Bailey
Stonegate Property Inspections LLC

You go ahead and recommend anything you feel the need to recommend. I think you’re better off not quoting code on any inspection. We all need to have a current copy of the local codes to use as a reference, but stay away from quoting in the report.
“A lack of protective bollards was noted around the drive up window. Any impact of this area by an automobile could cause significant structural damage. Recommend installation of approved protective bollards by a qualified contractor.” This takes the design of the fix off of your shoulders. Like brother Decker says, “Hope this helps.”

I agree with Stu write it up as a saftey concern.
I do not do code inspections but I do do Saftey concerns and this is one .
Good call on your part write it up and if they do nothing you have covered you A$$.
Roy Cooke

I agree with the above post, and would like to add that having bollards to protect the building structures and/or people inside is usually burdened by the Civil Engineer that designed the exterior landscape and appurtenances that apply.
It seems in this case that no effort was made for the safety factors involved, man or building.

Note it as such and write hard on the topic, and let us not get into the design criteria of where Bollards are require. That is were exterior of Buildings involve an Engineer to design. No Code required sometimes, just Common Sense, but that is evaporating, I guess.

Good catch on your part.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your replies. They are appreciated.

Exactly!! Remember we are not “code” inspectors… Do we need to know codes? YES! But if you think why codes have come about, they are inacted to address the health and safety of the public,… so like the others have stated here, if you recommend something for “health or safety” you are doing your job without quoting a code per say.