Drivers Licenses Viewable Online

Hmm, maybe then Russ and I just spent too much time together and that’s why I thought it looked like him. Let me go look up yours…

You a**s!!

Well Dominic,

You got me this time. I definitely owe you one, and there’s no need to remind me. I’ll keep you in check.

I didn’t think there was a public system in place for licenses, but you never know with today’s technology.

I don’t think Bob liked the fact they had a picture of him! I just looked you up Bob, I think it looked pretty close!


Looks nothing like me.


Looks pretty close to me!

the drivers license photo is obviously pretty recent as you have less hair on your head than the photo on the left

Nice, cute, Dominic.

This is the second time I get caught with this one, ha. ha. I guess I am to gullible for that sh#t.

One good thing is I did not look like Bob Eliott. ha. ha. Sorry Bob. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

got me

I’m so glad people don’t scroll down before reading the first post hehe :smiley:

That guy on the left is not me.
Just some very handsome model.

Hey, I put my info in and a picture of Dan Harris came up!

I’m disappointed Dom they had the address wrong#-o

Let’s see it Ken, I’ve always wondered what he looked like.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Yep, look’s like my kids anyway.

They must be behind, or you’re good at hiding from the law!! At least they had your picture right

NH Dmv is always behind


They forgot our spectacles, Dominic . . .
:wink: :smiley:

Good point! That picture of me must be old as I got glasses about 3 years ago.