Drivers Licenses Viewable Online

I’m so glad people don’t scroll down before reading the first post hehe :smiley:

That guy on the left is not me.
Just some very handsome model.

Hey, I put my info in and a picture of Dan Harris came up!

I’m disappointed Dom they had the address wrong#-o

Let’s see it Ken, I’ve always wondered what he looked like.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Yep, look’s like my kids anyway.

They must be behind, or you’re good at hiding from the law!! At least they had your picture right

NH Dmv is always behind


They forgot our spectacles, Dominic . . .
:wink: :smiley:

Good point! That picture of me must be old as I got glasses about 3 years ago.

Thanks I needed a laugh today.


Happy to help :smiley:

Yeah, glasses come in handy when you’re plinkin’ . . .

C’mon up, we can shoot at snowballs, Dom; got down to MINUS 7 point eight here last night. You’ve heard how watermelons blow up when shot? Looks like a Christmas bomb when they’re deep-frozen . . .:mrgreen:

Invigorating, doing this AM’s inspection . . .:wink:

Plinking at snowballs. Sounds exciting, I’ll be right there!

I was just funnin’ with the feller who said,
“What’s Plinking?”!

I don’t know why everyone is upset, mine was a perfect likeness, I’m just gald they got the best photo I’ve taken in years.

Hahaha. Seems that they mixed up a few of our photos, but I’m glad they at least got yours and Russ’s right :stuck_out_tongue:

The photo was beter than the one on my license. I’m going to see if I can use it.

Bob already asked, they told him in IL he could. So you should be able to as well.