Driving rain leaking into house

We have a farm house built in 1998 in the country. Since it has been built, during a driving rain we will get water leaking into the house at our two Bay windows. We have had two contractors come out and re-do the window caulking and sealing and we are still getting rain into our house. We read your article on driving rain and believe the issue may be coming from the Gables with no TyVek. Your thoughts? This is driving us crazy and would appreciate any input. We also know that the driving rain can come into the house at any wall location, it is the Bay windows which seem to catch the most of it.

Mary and Nathan

If you can provide your location, someone here may be able to help with Infrared Radiation imagery. It sounds like one of the perfect uses for IR.

One could probably reproduce the driving rain with a hose in those areas to get it to show up on the imager.

Excellent suggestion !