Drone / Infrared

Think there is going to be some interesting and breakthrough solutions coming combining Infrared and Drone technology.


Its crazy the technology coming out. Were about to order one. There expensive but look well worth the investment.

Cool: how do you plan to use it?

I would be interested in hearing after you have some experience with it.

In order to conduct any commercial/business with an aircraft, one must have an FAA-333 exemption, COA, and pilot’s license/pilot on site, otherwise, hefty fines can be issued. Breaking the law while conducting an inspection will ruin one’s reputation.

Welcome back Peter. Hope everything is looking brighter for ya.

To read more visit NACBI

AND bank account

I am also working on an aerial “Gas Finder” Thermal platform.

FYI you must be a license pilot and register with the FAA before you can use drones for financial gain. That has been the hold up before now. Bill, Dave and I have been talking about this for a few years. These guys approach me a couple of months ago asking for input. I contact Bill, we sat down for a meeting and started the plan. Dave was brought in and the plan came together. So the point here unless you have your pilot license and filled out the proper paper work you could be fined so please use caution. These guys have already done this, they said it was a long process.

Have you guys considered recruiting Bob Elliott for this project??
It seems that he really has a handle on this technology and may benefit the industry.
He can figure it out!!:p:p

Think of all the money we could save (till we got sued)!

I hold a PPL (single & twin engine) and have applied for 333 exemption.

So what are you going to do with it?

This is a “Local” service for it to be as cost effective as possible.
I get 10 calls a day about projects I could use an aerial platform, buy it is cost prohibitive for the client.
Don’t buy some damn toy.
Invest in the future.
If your not a Lvl II or above, don’t expect to do the flying and evaluation all by yourself.
You don’t get an x-ray and the tech decide your medical treatment.

David, At this point, I am not doing anything with drone infrared, but trying to stay up on the developing information. I do however use a Drone today for roofs that I can’t walk due to pitch or conditions.

I personally believe that the drone capabilities and technology will continue to develop to the point where for some, they are key tools and allow for $ to be made. Just as with anything else in life, there will be some that take advantage of it, some that try and fail and some that succeed.