Drone, Please come home....

First drone issue in my home county :shock: (I still want one :wink: )


A little off topic but couldn’t this drone be used by roofing salesmen to survey damage?
I hear some inspectors have been using them for inspections.

On the missing drone, I imagine the technology is still in the learning stage.

I use the Storm-Drone-4-DEVO7 for my commercial inspections. Take a look at their website. http://www.helipal.com/storm-drone-ff-flying-platform-rtf.html?gclid=CPeZsZL_ob0CFUVgMgod_BEAGw

Very cool Gerald. Do these need a special type camera?

I can just hear it now. Hey bubba, here comes another one get ready:D

If you invest in this new technology, I recommend you make sure that your drone can find it’s way home.:wink:

I read a lost drone article. Too bad.

I am not familiar with them except for what I have read. I guess if you put your camera on video and then use a software to capture images your in good shape.

Just went to your link Linas, GoPro camera.
Learn something everyday, yesterday it was don’t eat the last of my wife’s HaganDaaz.

Paul we use two different type of cameras for our drone4. It works great for our larger scale Hi-rise office buildings and etc. Works well for aerial photos and videos. We provide our clients with aerial photos and videos for an additional service fee with their reports.

I’m impressed, I had no idea inspections was such a tech savvy business.
Tomorrow my Alpha 2 radon monitor arrives, I have a good gas sniffer (although I swear by my jar of Dawn dish soap), good electrical testers and next purchase will be a good moisture meter.

I already have good office equipment, camera’s and everything any business needs to compete. Website is good although the inspections part is still being built. I am looking into being able to do Phase 1 inspections. Everything else can wait for now including thermal imaging although I find thermal science interesting. Camera costs are prohibitive for a new inspector.

The drone with camera I can see getting this summer, makes sense on a few levels.

I appreciate what I’m learning on this forum.