Drone Questions for dummies

Hello fellow inspectors!! Has anyone here taken the exam for the drone license? I am almost finished with the internachi course, my question is… Is the internachi course enough to help me pass the test? Or do I need one of these study guides I am seeing all over the internet?

Also anyone in here that has a drone and lives in colorado I would like to speak with you !!!

Thank you !

Stay safe out there!

Not sure about the test, but I doubt it would be too difficult. For a practice drone, I recommend getting a Hubsan X4. They are only $20 and they have the same pan/tilt controls that all the drones use so you can get used to it before you fly a thousand dollar rig. https://www.amazon.com/Hubsan-H107-L_M2-The-X4-H107L/dp/B00CP5NSGG

It’s not enough. There are a lot of drone schools online that have free exams and you can get the FAA study guide online. I passed without buying anything taking free practice tests and free info available online. The test is not easy and you need to know how to read an aeronautical map and the different symbols on the map. All stuff you will never use doing drone roof inspections.


Buy a DJI they are easy to fly and buy a good one like a Mavic 2 zoom. It’s worth the extra money.

I own the mavic 2 zoom. Have about two weeks experience with it around my own home. I am having difficulty deciding which direction to follow. I have had people say the test isnt that hard, I have read even after classes the test is extremely hard. I am going to finish the internachi course this weekend. I dont know if I should try on my own or find a class???

The FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot exam has virtually nothing to do with HOW to fly a drone. It has everything to do with weather, aeronautical charts, deciphering notices, airports and airspace requirements, and even human behavioral quirks. It’s not that easy. I think most of the free content on YouTube is just there as a teaser, to get you to buy their particular course. That said, I took the King School course for $129 and made a 96 score on the FAA Part 107 exam.

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To the OP I found the Nachi info to be too much.

Hi Nicholas,

I just took and passed the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot exam. I went through a site that was recommended at the InterNachi convention in June. It is called RemotePilot101.com. I thought it was a decent program, but I would recommend reading the FAA study guide. The test is not exactly easy. Trick questions are used. I am sure you will do great!

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Congratulation !
Now what is next?