Drone Update 2023

Article from December, “Metal Roofing”
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I’d be interested if anyone has plans for the broadcast ID implementation. Post 'em here.

PS - EXO has yet to say anything more than they will have something ready by September. They imply that you will have to buy it or buy a third party device. I don’t see why it couldn’t be a firmware update. The drone is already “broadcasting” video and gps.


I’ve decided not to renew my part 107 license next time around. My drone is an older Typhoon H and I don’t want to have to buy a new drone in order to comply with the new FAA rules, besides, I only used it twice last year, so for me it’s just not economically feasible.


I didn’t renew mine either. There’s just to many small airfields and the airspace authorization isn’t where it needs to be to make it practical near me.

In reality, I don’t know why we don’t have an exemption. The flight rules say there’s an uncontrolled airspace within 50’ of a structure. So long as you keep the drone within that limit, we shouldn’t need authorizations or a 107.

I love flying drones, but I’ll be waiting until it’s more practical. I’d like to be able to use as needed, but the current system just isn’t set up for that.


I agree with your statement 100 percent, but it’s the FAA calling the shots, sooo.

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I think the weight limit has some validity. But I do not understand the “commercial” penalty of needing a license if I am under weight.


To bad we don’t have a lobbying group that represents home inspectors that could make this argument to the FAA… Drones really are a nice tool. Honestly though I find it much quicker and simpler to use a combination of pole camera and binoculars to view and take photos. Not ideal, but neither is a drone. They all provide me a view and photos for the clients that’s subpar to walking it but better than not seeing it. I think drone is best of these options, but just to much hassle at this time for me personally.


Nick are you listening? Calling @gromicko


Weight shouldn’t matter if we are operating in what’s supposed to be uncontrolled airspace.

I would agree that if being below weight limits exempts recreational flyers, it should also exempt commercial use.

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A. they want the licensing fee. (you think your taxes pay for govt. spending)
B. There would shortly appear an excess of unregulated drones in commercial airspace.

Not true. It isn’t commercial airspace, it’s airspace that is uncontrolled for anyone other than commercial drone pilots. Pilots can’t fly within this space, and it’s considered uncontrolled space. Remote pilots who are recreational pilots can fly in this space all they want up to 200’. It doesn’t provide equal protection for all classes of pilots, but instead mandates special permission to be in uncontrolled space, specific to anyone using the drone for a commercial purpose.

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This program is news to me. I am a part 107 licensed and have not heard any talk about this. I appreciate it being brought up.
From quick research, it appears that the newer DJI drones will be automatically compliant by the time this rolls out, am I correct? I fly an Air 2S. Cheers

How can you say the results of something that has not occured is not true? I’m quite sure the FAA feels that as soon as there is a loophole they will be unable to assure safe airspace. It is already true that many drone pilots do not get licensed, do not register their drones, and fly in restricted zones.

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Because it isn’t commercial space.

You also sort of answered your own question. It’s already happening. It won’t increase because home inspectors are using them to look at peoples roofs. Most of the restrictions are because of the actions of recreational unlicensed pilots doing stupid things. No matter what laws they make to restrict flights, a person can do anything they want to and answer the consequences when caught. I know of at least one company in my area that has multiple unlicensed inspectors flying drones during inspections. Nothings stopping them. But if they get caught, the fines will likely be severe. I won’t do that because I’m an honest guy who tries to do the right thing. I shouldn’t have to be restricted for something people are doing everyday in uncontrolled space.

If you’re operating a commercial drone in it, it is commercial airspace. If you’re making money off it, regardless of the weight of the drone, it’s commercial airspace. The law is very clear the FAA has SOLE jurisdiction on ALL airspace. You’re confusing commercial airspace with regulated airspace.

I’m not the one who is confused here. There’s no such thing as commercial space. It’s controlled or uncontrolled. Commercial use requires a certification. You have to fly using commercial rules when operating under 107. Never does airspace become commercial.

Not really sure what your trying to argue. The focus should be on why if there exists an exemption to the rule due to uncontrolled space or weight of the drone, we are not allowed to fly unless it’s just for fun.

If we can be there without a special permit recreationally, we should have the same ability commercially. For the most part, commercial use pilots are more experienced and generally safer with their equipment as they rely on it’s use for their income. While a consumer can get a warranty and wait for their next fun adventure, damaging a drone because you are operating unsafely could put you of business.

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Everyone of my inspections is for money, I just happen to fly a drone for fun. I do not charge for drone work. :smile: Just kidding, I doubt this would “fly” when facing an FAA fine.

I actually made this very argument in person at my local FAA office. I don’t charge for drone use, but use it as a tool when it is a safer or the only option in some cases. While they seem to understand, the rule just says any use in furtherance of a business purpose. He said if you make money off the report, provide an opinion on the condition of the property based on the drone flight, you’re under the 107 rules and need a certificate. They do not make any distinctions between us and say a commercial production company making movies. It’s all professional use to them.


Ha! Good on you. I for one appreciate the effort.


For those that are planning to (or have not) renew your Part 107. I believe that renewing is $0 cost. Basically watch a free online test and you are renewed. If you let it lapse you may need to renew at $$? You worked hard to get it why let it lapse if you dont need to. When you opt to reengage you will be good to go. I actually charge for my drone services as an add on service. To date I have recouped the cert costs plus and i’m working towards the cost of the drone. If the client says no, I inspect from the ground / binoculars per the SoP. There is value in your cert and gear.


Thanks for that info Russell!!

I renewed my license from my desk this morning, took me about 2.5 hours.