drone use for aerial survey

Has anyone looked into the use of drones to video an aerial survey on “homes for sale” to offer as an ancillary service? I am thinking this could be a potential additional service to market to Listing Agents & Sellers. If anyone has experience with this idea, I would appreciate your feedback.



Just to post a few.

I find the easiest way to search the forums is to use a Yahoo or Google search and just use the word InterNACHI and what you are wanting to find.

Yea, the FAA…

It’s all in the the media these days.
If it’s a commercial venture, it’s regulated.
Years ago small plane pilots were flying over rather significant homes and offering the homeowners an opportunity to buy an ariel photo… Sounds kinda like you your brainchild.
Google earth has pretty much taken care of that.

There are many people in my area offering it to Realtors. Even a few inspectors.

It’s already being done.

But the catch is, the agents don’t just want the footage, they want the right lighting, the footage edited, and presentable as advertisement. Professional video companies are already on this and doing it at a high level.

Which isn’t to say it can’t also be done, but to make it profitable, one has to do more than simply fly around the property.

Although maybe your area is different. I do live in Los Angeles, where there are a plethora of video companies, video editors and professional photographers.

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