Drone use

My sister lives in Thornton, CO and I live in Alabama so we talk often and she knows I am qualifying to be a HI.I have told her several things we have to know. Talking to her last night she told me that she was on her back porch and heard a noise that sounded like a bunch of bees. She finally found the noise came from next door from a drone being used for a inspection. She was worried and started to call the police when the drone stopped. I told her she should have called. Glad we are trained to notify surrounding areas when flying.

Why do you think she should have called the police?

My thoughts exactly. I never notify the neighbors. It’s pretty obvious when my marked vehicle is parked in front of the house what is going on. I simply get the drone in the air, take a few pics from the front of the home for the client, and then check the roof. I’m not flying over other people’s property and I’m in the air, at most, 10 minutes.


It’s a must in Chicago, we are too close to two major airports, need to notify the FAA each time you fly for commercial use. Chicago says you can not fly without notifying near schools (public or private), parks, or other public venues.

I am interested in the creator, Willie Byrd’s feedback … why did you think she should have called the police and why did you indicate “we are training to notify surrounding areas when we fly”?