Drone use

It seems that most inspectors are using drones nowadays, at least from the inspection reports I see.

Who here is using drones? And what kinds? They are a big investment and I am curious if the rate of return is worth it, or if it is just a “nifty” toy.

So really a 2 part question I guess

A) What type of drone?

B) Is it worth the investment?

Much information can be found at Google and doing a NACHI search .
Here is an example .

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Research & Writing Assignment:

InterNACHI’s primer law for drone operation. I learned that violations can result in a 27,$500 fine for reckless operation. The operator must be part 107 licensed to perform commercial drone flights. The drone must also be registered with the FAA.

I have flown R/C giant scale planes and large helicopters for years but ironically I have never flown a drone. I use a pole mounted camera to get at hard to reach roofs but maybe a drone would be easier.

I was going to until all the regulations came into the Chicago are, if you are within 5-miles of an airport, you need to let the FAA know a day in advance. we have to major airports, it’s a pain in the ***, Chicago also has rules about parks, schools public buildings. all needed permission. I also use a camera mounted pole. or I climb the roof.

Also keep in mind you have to be licensed by the FAA to fly commercially.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

An airspace card has just been issued that can aid those who fly drones in dealing with operating in the National Airspace System (NAS).

Airspace Card


Even with a drone climbing on a roof will give you more information than a drone.

Mitchel Brooks


I would not agree with the statement “most inspectors are using drones nowadays”. Perhaps many.

IMO, a drone should be used only when there is no other way of getting a look at something on a roof. Some people seem to think that the more gadgets an inspector has, the better the inspection. Drones have a high “gimmick quotient” in that they are spiffy and do make it possible to see where an inspector might not otherwise be able to. However, in the majority of cases are a poor substitute for walking the roof.

I have a new DCI MAVIC PRO I bought in May paid $700 will sell for $600. Never been flown. 940-736-6674