Drone wanted

I’m looking to buy a drone. Any suggestions?

MQ9 Reaper…

Do you guys use drones? also what are the rules on them? can we use the for inspections? I heard yes and no

Drones are great especially in the suburbs and in rural areas. I had some trouble recently with my drone in the city. I kept loosing signal. I suspect that there were too many competing frequencies. She was going haywire on me. Not worth the risk…

Just like some tools there are plus and minuses. The city does have many wifi frequencies that can interfere with a drones 2.4 channel as well as concrete and rebarb that affect GPS. Also the obvious wind, rain, and trees can play a factor. I’ve had communication issues in more rural areas. Not sure how cell towers and kP index plays a factor.

The larger drones use lipo batteries. They require some maintenance attention, not leaving it fully charged and power cycling after X number of charges.

As for legality, there are no commercial rules set forth yet. To obtain a FAA exemption for commercial use you need to have a pilots license. Using as a hobby is fine as long as you stay under 400ft altitude and stay away from busy areas.

I have a DJI Inspire. Really it’s overkill for HI, but the video and photo quality is unbelievable and it’s stability in wind is quite impressive. It’s a two controller set up so one can fly and the other can run the camera but the pilot can do both.

I was considering selling it as I would like to purchase some radon equipment. If your interested give me a call and we can discuss it further. Hope this info helps.

Look at my YouTube channel. 500 dollar dji fc40 roof inspection under tough conditions. GoPro hero 3 camera.