Drones dodge a bullet in Californai

Jerry Brown did something right. Vetoed SB 142


This is good to know. I was putting off purchasing one until they got this ironed out.

Make sure you file for your FAA333 exemption. We filed for ours Aug 1st and still have a month or 2 to wait

Thanks for the tip Eric. I will make sure to get that done.

I don’t think this topic is done.

If it had enough support to get to the governors desk, it means it has enough support to try again.

Los Angeles Police Department and various fire departments are very concerned about drones use interfering with their helicopters.

While I think the FAA will eventually have to relent and allow drone use in Real Estate, regulations to how and when it can be used are bound to follow.

I will say this, those individuals that flew drones over the fire on the 15 freeway a couple of months ago didn’t help any.

They were probably $199 home inspectors. :slight_smile:

Sorry, the $199 guys can’t afford anything high tech like a drone or video camera.

Heck, they can’t be bothered to look at the roof with a proper ladder. :mrgreen:

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I recently talked to a commercial helicopter pilot.

Do not fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport, at any altitude. It will be set in stone soon he claims. I have many small airports here, so using one would be out of the question for me. Even small suburban airports will be included he claims. Also any “public event”.