Drones for commercial inspections

How much benefit would a drone flight(s) that provided automated roof measurements with a thermal image overlay (and thermal anomaly detection) add to an overall commercial inspection?

No question that manual drone flight can provide quick looks into things but as machine learning/artificial intelligence starts to snowball in the commercial drone space, the value from drone inspections really starts to multiply.

Here are a couple of images. Interested in your feedback. Thanks.

Dropbox - Screenshot 2018-07-27 10.22.30.png

Dropbox - Screenshot 2018-07-27 10.22.58.png

Saw similar at AUVSI in Denver. Very interesting tech. Beyond most inspection needs IMO, but very cool.

Nice! I was there. My CEO gave the keynote to open the event. Do you feel it would be more beneficial to the general roofing industry vs. the inspection space?

I have tried using this type of technology. We have been averaging 3 projects per week. Last year we inspected 1.7 million square feet. Boots on the roof is still the best method. The challenge is always getting there. This is why we charge a premium for ladder use.