dropped camera from 2nd story window

During a predrywall inspection I leaned out too far and my Pentax waterproof camera fell 2 stories and landed in gravel. No damage at all, slight marks indicate it hit on one edge. I would imagine that it would break 9 out of 10 times, just got lucky I guess :smiley:

wow i gone through 4 Camera’s i was looking at the Pentax , and a couple of others going to get something today for sure.

Was that a Pentax 9 lives?

Durable equipment is a necessity as far as I’m concerned. . .

That is why I carry two cameras!

Dropped my camera in snow, in crawl spaces, down stairs - finally got smart and put a lanyard on mine - get out of the truck and put it around my neck - in the way? put it in my shirt pocket. It is always available but out of the way. Course I carry a spare just in case.

I have three Pentax, waterproof cameras and I too have dropped mine numerous times. These are tough little buggers, rounded hard rubber corners that don’t get scratched or crack. What really freaks out the customers is when you run it under the tap to get dirt or mud off it after going into some nasty place. They immediately want to know what kind of camera you have. The ones I own were originally designed for hikers, backpackers types who are notoriously rough on their equipment. I have to say, I have had these for well over 5 years and still work like new. Great on battery life as well.

Dropped my Sony Touchscreen camera of a roof Summer before last and it is still my favorite camera.Best picture /video combination I have found so far.

Settings change in a second.(that is important for flash,whiteness control when outside,and the video for quick notes,etc.

Come on everyone! What is the old expression…“The first liar doesn’t stand a chance.” Someone has to have thrown their camera from a speeding truck in heavy traffic. Let’s get those camera stories in here.:wink:

I carry spare equipment such as flashlights, electrical testers, etc., but I have complete confidence in my camera and in my tablet. No need for spares.

My 1998 Sony Mactiva MVC-FD200, yes it has a floppy disk drive, has never failed, and I still use it after over 3,000 inspections. I will not trade it for anything.

You said you never put your foot through a ceiling before either:)

Gee, thanks for that Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

true dat … I need a Panasonic “toughcam” and a “toughtalk”

I have bust 1 camera and 2 digital voce recorders over the years :frowning:


Take a look at my camera Gary (I mean Gerry ;)) - there’s a link in a previous post. It’s about $300, but it’s waterproof and shock “proof.”

The manufacturer makes a lot of claims but how is the service, really?

I dropped my Canon PowerShot on a concrete floor and damage the lens; it was back in action that same week, no charge.

Well i went for a new one today got a Olympus touch 8000
33 ft under water 6 foot drop, 220 lb crush proof screen.
We will see i am on my 3 third camera now. in 4 years. BTW Mr Pope do not talk to Sean about Equipment look what happen the last time.

I’ve never had the need for service, so I can’t answer that. . . or maybe I just did.

Untill you bump it and the hard drive crashes.
It does happen. Better have a spare or you won’t be inspecting the next day.:mrgreen:

How about a trainee leaving a computer on the hood of the truck and driving off. He realized it when he got to the office and could not download the inspection. He learned a very expensive lesson. Don’t set your computer anywhere that it is not safe.