Drowning hazard

When there is a lake, stream or anything that can hold water on or adjacent to the inspected property is it our responsibility to report it? I put in my reports that a “potential drowning hazard” exists and to take all precautions to ensure the safety of all those that reside at or visit the property.
Thank you for your replies.

Pool, yes. Man made fish pond/ fountain, maybe. Natural lake, pond, creek, etc., no (they should know).

Do you also evaluate the potential of asteroid hits?!

Have you read the standards of practice yet?

Sorry… But I think you are overreaching a little bit!

Does the local watershed affected property? Yes it can. Is there any evidence of past conditions that are affecting the building?

We are not life guards at the beach.
We are building inspectors. If it is so dangerous to place the house in the flood zone, why did somebody else let them do it?

No, but no harm in mentioning it. I used to point out unfenced swimming pools (next door) to my clients who had small children.

What about bathtubs perhaps we should warn folks about children drowning in the bahtub???:wink: Make sure you don’t put more than 1/2 inch of water in the tub Oh that is probally to much mayhap just enough to wet the rag Geez what is this profession coming down to

I disagree Charley. Unfenced swimming pools are worth mentioning and even prohibited in many jurisdictions… for good reason.



I was not disagreeing with your unfenced pool but this is the second time this type of question has popped up recently creeks, drainage ditch near a home and the guys get all over it. Commom sense has run amuck;-)

Oh. O.K. Your post quoted me talking about swimming pool fencing.

Yes I realized my trigger finger was to quick that is the Okie in me, sorry:D