Drug Detective (Episode 46)

Anyone watch this episode?
Anyone tried to contact Kris Pauly?
It was mentioned in the episode that it’s required to do a Meth test in the state of Utah . . . have heard nothing about that until viewing this episode . . . have tried connecting to www.drugdetectivekit.com
Phone number at bottom of page has been disconnected.
Links under Real Estate, Home Inspectors do not work, expect the ones to purchase the product . . . am I the only one having problems with this site.
Anyone have a contact number other than 928-713-9073?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Anyone out there?

I got 2 kits but never had a chance to use them as of yet

I send a PM to Mr. Pauly asking him a very simple question after reading this thread: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f21/offer-meth-testing-without-laboratory-31349/
and never got a reply from him…that’s enough for me to move on…

I had no problem getting 2 kits just click and buy, i did email him also again no problems