dryer and bathroom vents

If a bathroom vent were to pass through a laundry room can both the bathroom vent and the gas dryer vent exit through the same wall. If so what is the distance they must be seperated by.

I don’t see why not providing the dryer is electric and it can’t backflow into the bathroom it would be OK to run them parallel.

the dryer is a gas dryer. the way the house is set up is that the bathroom is on the first floor in the center. their is not a window, and the laundry room has just been added. therefore the bathroom exhaust exhaust is run through a soffit and exits approximately 6 feet from the floor in the laundry room. the gas dryer vent has not been run yet as this is a new addition. the owner is a friend of mine and he asked if the two could be vented on the same wall. I know their is a minimum ground to vent height, but was unsure about vent to vent.

You cannot vent gas into the room, along with the lint, (carbon monoxide and fire). vent it to the outside and if there isn’t enough ground clearance place a buried PVC up to the vent and exhaust 3ft. away from the house like a drain.

both will exit to the outside on the same wall