Dryer & Bath Exhaust Together

Townhome with Harry Homeowner basement renovations. Original builder installed dryer exhaust runs from front wall to the rear wall, exceeding the 25’ rule, actually 20’ with the 90 degree elbow. Mr. Homeowner then decided to connect the bathroom exhaust to the dryer exhaust, imagine the moisture will clog the dryer lint, adding to the existing venting problem. :slight_smile:


Wow what where they thinking of?

Put up for Defects award John.

How long was the dryer run? Shouldn’t be more than 25’. The intersection is a perfect place for a clog. The dryer should also be smooth wall metal pipe. It isn’t.

Actually 20’ due to the 90 degree elbow. The run was from the front wall to the rear foundation wall of a typical townhome. I did not measure, but certainly more than 20’.
Builder could have vented the dryer at the front wall, hard to understand why they decided to terminate at the rear.

IMHO - The worlds worst advertising slogans precipitate these things -
“Let’s build something together”
'You can do it, we can help"
Along with half hour TV shows featuring DIY projects!