Dryer Duct Clearance to A/C Compressor

I found an old thread referencing a 3 foot “window” around openings into the dwelling but this isn’t really the case for this problem. I was inspecting a home built in 1999 and found these problems relating to the location of the dryer vent to the A/C compressor. The back of the compressor was full of lint. The dryer damper was being blocked from opening by the conduit to the disconnect. The compressor was within 1-2 feet of the dryer exhaust. The inside dryer connection to the wall opening was that flexible silver Mylar. I referenced a 20’ rule of thumb in the report with a referral to a HVAC contractor for further evaluation. Who would have though this statement would have caused a boatload of grief!

In the mean time, I found this link that references 10’ but no hard and fast manufacturer recommendations. Anyone have more information that I may be missing?

Which came first the chicken or the egg. I know of know codes that prevents this but the primary common sense rule. I find them that way quite often my self. I just comment that the dryer vent should not discharge on the A/C unit

There’s always one in the bunch. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

That is also a fire hazard if that damper is being restricted.

Well it’s been that way for 16 years…

That doesn’t mean a fire may not start next week. Just because it’s been wrong for 16 years doesn’t make it right. You should call it out…

So lint all over the compressor cooling fins is a good thing? Report what you observed.

You don’t really know that. Could the laundry of been moved recently? Maybe they moved the AC unit because it was in the way of a new deck? It is a fire hazard if the damper cannot open and dirty fins are an efficiency problem. I would recommend moving one or the other.

Personally I would care less about the building code. #1 it’s not new construction. #2 building code doesn’t cover “Stupid”.

There is nothing right in your first picture.

The gas meter (vent) is too close to the electrical contactor switch in the condenser.

The dryer vent is too close to the disconnect. Excessive moisture.

The dryer vent is too close to the condensing coil.

  1. Hot air discharging into the condenser is an efficiency loss.
  2. Dryer Lint blocks airflow.

The bushes are too close to the condensing unit and restricts airflow (as much as the dryer lint. 2 foot clearance required.

Significant settlement of the HVAC condenser pad. Excessive stress on the pipe fittings.

…and, AC not level, lint clogging AC unit fins, etc.

Just report what you see and recommend repair as needed for correct and safe operation of dryer and AC unit.

They can fix it or not and call later or not. :shock: :roll: