Dryer duct safety issue...Need suggestion..

I recently choose an apartment which has a stack able washer dryer beside the kitchen which i am quite used to.

But Recently i have noticed that the dryer duct is passing through the kitchen pantry(attached pic) closet above which i am supposed to keep my food items.
I was not concerned before but lately i am thinking that dryer duct can cause heat when the dryer is on…it could leak some fumes,gas etc

But on the other hand i was thinking that it is an apartment home so it must be designed the way that it shouldn’t effect the kitchen items.

I am scheduled to move next week.

Is that anyway risky or unhealthy option to store pantry items above it.

Please suggest me what to check there and what i can ask maintenance about so that there is no risk of keeping food items above it.

All suggestions would be valuable.

Is the dryer gas or electric? If its electric its more of a heat, lint and moisture leakage issue. If the dryer is gas then there is always the added possibility of carbon monoxide leakage. It is hard to tell from the picture exactly wahts going on, but at the very least the dryer vent shoud be constructed out of rigin metal duct not the flexible duct that is currently shown in the picture. In a location like that there is always the risk of damaging the duct with stored items.

The way it’s taped together would raise some concerns about possible moisture problems from the escaping air to the structure. Food issues I couldn’t really say other than you’d think it might make fruit or vegetables go bad faster from the moisture and heat.

Thank u so much for your suggestion.I saw the pantry being slightly warm today while running the dryer in high heat for 45 mins.
I have kept some utensils and spice, grains in the shelves however i kept the immediate shelf only for non food items.

I have one question if you are aware of is this kind of structure i,e passing the dryer duct below the pantry is common…or its just a wired structure in my apartment???

Not common, but here is what may have happened, Pantry was added by a previous owner by subdividing the old laundry room, or the builder/hvac sub contractor made a mistake when framing your unit.

I would go with the owner modified, as the builder or sub would have done a better job of fixing their screw up. If it was mine I would replace the flex in the pantry with aluminum round pipe and tape the joints. It may be possible to locate it to the back more and build a chase around it, which is what the builder would have done.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your opinion. Its an apartment home so i cant make any modification according to my wish.
I even called up maintenance today, they said they cant do much about it also suggested to wrap the duct with blanket to resist the heat.

“It’s often easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission”

Changing to solid pipe would be easy to do.

Hi All,
My apartment maintenance people wrapped the duct with some insulated cover…i am technically not aware about it but from their conversation i got to know its some insulated sheet which they normally use to wrap water heater.(Pic attached)

I want to know ur opinion about the same would that help resisting the heat so that the pantry wouldnt be hot.


  1. Should be fine.
  2. How often do you use the dryer, once or twice a week for 30 minutes?
  3. You should never store food that can spoil if exposed to heat (butter, milk, eggs, etc., in a pantry anyway.

Hi Erik,

I am not really sure did it work or not bcz when the dryer is on high heat cycle the laundry cubicle and the pantry is bit warm rather i would say full of warm air.
But those warm air is common with any dryer i have seen.
I would not have used the pantry area if my kitchen was big.
Its pretty tiny kitchen so i have to make use of it.
But yes i am not keeping any fresh items there like milk and fruit, stored only rice,pulses and dry spices and some utensils leaving the immediate wrack.

Sounds like the dryer exhaust is leaking. That would be bad, hot moist air is not good for dry food products or building products. Put a lit candle close to the duct, leave the pantry door open, start the dryer, if the candle flame blows around, the dryer duct is leaking and should be fixed. If it is not leaking air, it should be OK for the food you are storing in the pantry.

I dnt think so much moisture bcz the structure around it is not been destroyed and there was tenant before me also stayed here, but yes its bit warm while in high heat cycle i run for 60 mins.

I am not a technical person though so its just my understanding.