Dryer vent contraption?

I ran across a dryer vent that ends next to the dryer in what looks like a plastic tub with water in it. It’s just sitting on the concrete floor? Never seen one. Any ideas?

Yes, they are supposed to catch the lint as the air goes through the water.

But, I believe, all dryer exhausts must vent to the exterior or shall be in accordance with the dryer manufacturer’s installation instructions.

M1502.2 Duct termination.


Where did you get that awesome name! Thank you Larry for the info.

I concur. Larry Kage is Awesome!

You have an open tub of water combined with gallons of hot vaporized water from the dryer venting into a habitable space. Hm???
Me thinks high relative humidity abound!
Dear, why the windows so foggy? Lol!!!

I actually have this and yes, it gets humid. I have it in the kitchen so I run the kitchen fan that goes to the exterior.

I used to have one the you could switch Bach and for the. It worked well but I’ve moved on.

What you have there is a remnant of the 1973 fuel oil shortage. MANY people came out with “conservation” ideas. The magazine “Mother Earth News” championed a lot of the ideas. Don’t waste the heat from the dryer - exhaust it into the home. The bucket supposedly “catches the lint”. Collect the lint, dry it and use it to make fire-starters for the fireplace or BBQ. Some people exhausted the dryer into a womans stocking. Again, the nylons collected the lint and the heat was “recovered”. Never made any effort to get rid of excess moisture though. Another issue addressed how to get rid of mold in the basement using straight bleach without reference to what straight bleach fumes do to human lung tissue. Another idea they had - insulation wrap your water heater. How about this one - install a series of fins on the smoke pipe of the woodburner to recover “excess heat wasted going up the chimney”. Or the contraption that was installed in the chimney that had a series of tubes around which the smoke flowed. On some units the device had a low speed blower. Again, a “heat recovery” but no consideration of the accelerated creosote buildup due to lowered stack temperatures. Remember something to be considered with any project to make our dwellings more energy efficient - “How Does This Effect That? - System Interactions”, a paraphrase of Newtons Law - “For Every Action There is An Opposite and Equal Reaction”.


Several different versions of these vents are available commercially. They are all a terrible idea.
I’d be even more nervous if the dryer was gas fired.
If there was a existing dryer vent that was not being used I’d be nervous about that as well.


It Is!

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That’s exactly what it looked like. Legal or no?

Virus-free. www.avast.com

Yes, Randy?..


Legal? It depends on the manufacture’s installation recommendations, and the AHJ. But definitely not made for gas dryers… electric only!! If it’s available at Home Depot, it’s probably “legal”, but like Daniel said, terrible idea, and not really the best way to vent a dryer. But if there are no other options, such as 20th floor high rise condos where venting is impossible, then it might be your only option. Personally I would go w a ventless dryer before this thing.

My Wife and I had one when we started out as a couple in our first home. We had our own “fuel crisis” due to funds, not supply. hahahaha