Dryer Vent in Deck

I posted this in the Emergency Forum but thought I would try here too.

I got the massage below from a future client seeking a quick answer about her deck;
I just had a permitted deck installed on my home. The original plan had a it 10ft along the house, and 12ft out. For some reason, the company did the reverse (have not checked in with them on why. I noticed after it was complete, my dryer vent is now under the deck and I am wondering how safe it is. The original plan would of taken the decking close to the vent, but not covered it up. I am now afraid to do laundry, until I know this is safe and will not cause a fire.

My response was;

First let me thank you for contacting me. This is a very good question, and requires a bit of a lengthy answer.
It is difficult to say rather the condition you have described is safe, a concern or acceptable with out actually observing the condition in person. There are many factors that go into considering the safety of any condition a home inspector would note. If there is enough ventilation, around the dryer vent tit may not necessarily be a safety concern but such a condition may result in premature deterioration of the deck components due to moisture.

I would be more than happy to come out and take a look in order to give you a more educated opinion. Feel free to contact me if you would like to schedule an inspection.

Attached is the picture she sent me after my response. I am new to this, but I can’t imagine this is right. While I don’t think it is necessarily a fire hazard (the deck catching on fire due to the dryer vent), I do see it as improper notching, and a condition that would surely lend to premature failure of the deck components due to moisture.

Am I right?
Please give me some thoughts.

I agree with you in that it’s not a fire hazard per se.

I also agree, the issue would be the moisture coming out of the duct causing damage to the deck over time.

And a small issue of the keeping the vent clean. It’s not longer visible/easy to see if the duct is clogged.

It’s tough to say much about the deck construction from the picture.

See this often under a deck. How bout recommending a vent cover that has a hood that points downward and not a louver style. Also be more concerned about the ledger integrity for that outter joist.

I wrote that in the other post. Those bolts are loooong and it won’t make a bit of difference.