Dryvit Systems Question

Anyone have any info on a lawsuit against Dryvit Systems, Inc. I believe it was 10 or 12 years ago and might be Posey vs. Dryvit Systems, Inc. I would appreciate any help. Especially whether or not a client today can get some financial help in removing it, or at least get it certified as being ok.




Google is a wonderful source :smiley:

Thanks for the reply. The only reply I might add. You guys are oddly quiet tonite.
I had already Googled and found the convoluted batch of mumbo jumbo you itemize above. I was hoping some of you guys would have a down to earth comment.

You are doing the Lawyers work, is why there are no comments.

Not even sure what that means Bob. I simply asked if anyone had any experience with the subject. I don’t even like lawyers.

Larry you were asking about a case history .
Posey vs. Dryvit Systems, that most HI’S would know nothing about.
As far as Dryvit goes it is just another name for EIFS systems,but under a specific brand name.

Around here Dryvit is used all over ,mainly shopping centers and commercial buildings.
What ever problems there are with Dryvit would be the same with any EIFS system,and they would involve the Contractor not using proper flashing techniques.
I hope that helps.

Contact my good friend Steven Turetsky for a great education on EIFS systems as it is his expertise.inspector2314@yahoo.com

He is a good guy and will be willing to help you out I am sure.

Dryvit class action lawsuit came and went several years ago.

We worked probably 60-80 of them. Done deal.

Give me a call, I did many EIFS inspections for the various class action lawsuits. If I recall Dryvit, Parex and Sto all had class action lawsuits back around 2001-2002.

Give me a call, I’ll be glad to help you if I can…


Scott’s correct…
Posey undated/unsigned from '02