Drywall Blistering...What could be the cause?

Southern Calif. Home built in 1990. It was a bedroom wall and freshly painted. (Like somebody was covering up defects). The wall was common
to another Townhouse…No apparent leaks on the ceiling. But the room was freshly painted…Anybody have some possible reasons. Not so easy
taking pictures of a white wall…



I do not notate wall patching as an issue.(thats why I carry blue tape)
Next time you could take a broad view shot as well and use your flashlight parallel with the wall to create shadows.

Most likely bad/lack of prep work when painting. Could have been from drywall not properly sealed/primed or there could have been something on the surface when they put on the most recent coat of paint.




Or adjust it correctly in Photoscape…



David, that was awesome.

It could be that they textured and painted over wallpaper. Or they tore off the wallpaper and didn’t skim the wall before texturing and painting.

Cosmetic issues isn’t it.