Drywall Cancer???

Can somebody please tell me what this means? The following pictures are of a wall in the garage. Behind this wall is kitchen cabinets on the inside. No sink or over in this area. Behind the area is also part of the basement wall (the width od the truss). Basically the paint and the drywall paper are very brittle in this one area. There does not seam to be any moisture present. This garage gets very warm in the summer. There is about a 30 degree temperature between the garage and the uninsulated wall in the basement. I haven’t seen this before and was wondering if somebody has and can explain what this means. I originally thought WDI, but no evidence of them. Thanks in advance for your help.

Matt P.
Inside Out Home Inspections


Does anybody have any ideas? The home was built in 1989.

I’ve seen something similar in garages and carports, where over a period of time (usually years), moisture/humidity promote delamination of paint and weight pulls on drywall paper, etc. Normally, I’ll see tape joint cracks or peeling and hanging down in the same areas. I’ve talked to painters, drywall installers, etc. and they pretty much agree. On occassion, insect activity will make the problem even worse.
Just guessing here of coarse, but food for thought.

It looks like a moisture problem to me.


We/I would love to help but can’t, not enough information.

What other information do you need? I would be mor ethen happy to supply it. Thanks again!!!


Reverse the roles for a minute, if I was to give you this info could you give me an accurate assessment of what’s happening?

Post a picture of the house including the garage, a picture of the ceiling directly above the damaged drywall and remember that water is “Lazy” and will take the path of least resistance. Having said that take a photo of the kitchen and the location of the sink or at least tell us where in relation to this damaged drywall it is.
And NO drywall will not get cancer but who knows maybe we will!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Was a pest inspection done? How about termites?

it is a moisture problem

Since you say the paint is brittle now, it could be blisters from a previous leak, now repaired. Check the roof, flashings and any plumbing above this area.

Now, behind this area in the basement. There are no water lines, etc. Basically the garage floor sits lower then the first floors, floor. (about 18 inches lower). It is hard to explain without pictures, but in this area in the basement, there is no insulation. Can this be a condensation issue? (hot garage in summer, cool basement?)

I suspect you may have just diagnosed your own problem. Does the problem area exactly match the basement wall exposure area?

Jim King