Drywall rules of thumb?

I was just wondering if any of you have any rules of thumb on when water stained drywall should be replaced versus dired, sealed, and repainted? I have heard of a few, but thought I’d take advantage of the mass of knowledge on the board.

Why would you want to try and make that call?

“The drywall is damaged, repair or replace as needed”.

“The drywall is deteriorated, repair or replace as needed”.


Yes, I like “repair or replace as needed” as well as “I recommend all work performed be done by qualified professionals for quality and safety”.

The reason for the question is I have been asked to be a consultant for a company on water damage due to roof leaks. One of the issues they would like me to comment on is my opinion of the best way to fix the sheetrock.

My recommendation is to Google this in the form of a question about the criteria for drywall replacement. I did and found a plethora of information that is more pointed and detailed than merely opinion. Having done a bit of drywall work, replacement and repair is going to depend on the circumstances and other contributing factors. Far too many to list here. Hope this helps.