dual disconnects



Service into home appears to have 100 amp conductors, Wet day not getting on roof to check. Inside home meter back enters splitter box and is then routed to two disconnect panels, ea with 100 amp fuses. Each then goes to a bunch of different panels a real rats nest configuration , some are 100 amp there are 4 or 5 additional pony panels and they range from 30 to 60 to 100 amp.
My question is this would not the two 100 amp disconnects allow the service entrance conductors to draw a theoretical 200 amp load if each disconnect was drawing a full load.


Yes you are correct . Looks like white wire used on a 240 volt circuit has overheated , Usual reason loose connection . It should have been made black ,many years ago not usually done .
Could the incoming wires be undersize they look small ??? was there a main disconnect and what size was it

Incoming conductors I believe were for 100 amp service. That is the issue there are two disconnects each on with a 100 amp fuse set up. To my way of thinking that could overload the service conductors . I did write it up along with many other electrical issues in the home for a full ESA inspection and a review by a licensed electrical contractor for repairs to system.contractor. A lot of handy man installation goin on in the place.