Dual Flush Toilet

Caroma’s two button dual flush system

Check it out… Press #1 for, well you get the picture. :smiley:

My wife is from there and we have one … It’s soothing… LOL:mrgreen:

If we go back to out houses even more water would be saved.

Is water endangered?

I’m not much for looking through the moon opening on the door, and sitting with the spiders. Moon is ok, not the spiders. :wink:

Lowering the flow of toilets has been done more for energy conservation rather than water conservation reasons.

It takes a lot of energy to transport potable water and to treat waste water.

The less water you have to transport and treat, the less energy consumed.

But if you live in the Western US, water scarcity is indeed an issue…

But that is only allowed in Harwood Heights, Bob. :mrgreen:

When the government mandates use requirements: outhouse.

Hey Bob, here’s one for ya!!!