Dual Membership - Where Do You Stand

What are your thoughts/opinion on dual membership?

I am a “Full NACHI Certified Inspector” & an “ASHI Certified Inspector” & plan on keeping both memberships. Both organizations benefit me & my business in different ways.

None of the above apply to me…at least as of yet. If one of the organizations I am a member of made it a requirement to be a member of only one or the other, I would cross that bridge when it happens. But I honestly don’t see that happening.

And when my state requires licensing. I still plan on keeping both memberships.

I am an INACHI Member, recently renewed (beginning 4th year)…

  • I am currently not a member of another Association
  • I may consider membership in another Association, if it will benefit my business
  • I have no plans on leaving INACHI
  • If I were a dual Member, I would retain my INACHI membership
  • If I were a dual Member, and was informed I must relinquish my other membership(s) to remain an INACHI member, my decision would be based 100% on what was best for my business, without emotions attached.

With that being said, INACHI, Nick, INACHI Staff, and the general Membership as a whole would be very much missed if I were to leave. All of you, in your own ways, have contributed to my knowledge to assist me in driving my business. Your camraderie has been very much appreciated.

So*, *before we lose anymore members, for whatever reasons, I want to say “Thank you” to everyone. Tomorrow may be too late.


I may consider membership in another Association, if it will benefit my business.

But for now I have no reason to leave NACHI and dont plan on it.

You can belong to 10 associations…I dont think it really matters…If your paying the $$$ and are meeting their requirements for membership then what it the big deal.

If this does happen… how many ashi guys are nachi guys is my question? There are about 6,000 nachi members I think…

I think INACHI has grown to be the best, but I recommend doing what you think will benefit your business in the long run.

I say the more the merrier!

But keep reference to the various association’s equal on your website (I’m planning on updating mine in the New Year).

This is my opinion only, I chose NACHI over ASHI for a couple of reasons, one was for the credits you earn for my state,other reasons where the information available to me and the help you receive from other inspectors on this board.the only difference I see ASHI has done a wonderful job showing all the agents how good they are.( brain washing) .I do not see any reason why we could not belong to both. If we are truly the best here at NACHI there’s nothing to fear.I see some members seeing the benefit of using the ASHI for advertising with agents.
Nick I do not know if you are watching the Post or even care what’s being posted. I do not think it would be a wise decision to ban dual Membership .to make a story short it is your organization, for me Nachi is home. Home is where the heart is.
I do not know if I would have the same feeling if we lose some of the good Members over banning dual Memberships .

NACHI has beaten A$HI at everything except marketing to real estate agents. If NACHI beats them in marketing to agents than there would be no reason for inspectors to join A$HI. I say NACHI needs to a obliterate A$HI in their own strong point, than watch A$HI die a slow death. Forcing dual members to choose, I feel, is taking the easy route to victory. We would get more respect if we fought A$HI on its on turf.

Why does this always have to turn into a fight. The inspection business is big enough for more than one organization.

From October 2001 to January 2003, I had septamemberships. Now it’s just InterNACHI.

And just exactly do you get for your ASHI membership? NACHI has it all over them in that regard in every way. In this part of the world ASHI means nothing. There are no members here except for a guy who went out of business in less than a year. From where I sit I see no reason to be a part of ASHI but I’m not sure I see the logic in restricting anyone from belonging to both. The free market will deal with ASHI. ASHI may not even be a player in a couple years.

I think you need some more options in this poll. I am an InterNACHI member who who currently belongs to no other home inspection organizations, but this may change in the future. This seems to be a conflict among the major home inspection organizations. What about various local organizations and home inspection-related organizations like NEHA?

It’s actually nobodys business which organizations I support/belong too…

From what I heard from A$HI members, A$HI has had NACHI in it’s sights when they started to lose membership. A$HI started this fight, NACHI just wants to end it. I think we ought to give A$HI a fighting chance, not just crush them like a bug.
NAHI is not really harming the inspection industry, unlike A$HI. They are worthy to be NACHI’s competition.

Up until Sept. of this year I was a member of both. I’m still inspecting just as much if not more, than when I was a member of both. It was a business decision that I don’t regret. $600-700 saved per year, that I can spend on marketing that actually works.

Remember, it’s not the organization that makes a great inspector/businessman.

I’m a member (affiliate) of ASHI, a marketing decision, and have booked a few inspections as a result. I’ve been a member of NACHI for a while and have gained more from this place than any other. While I do believe the requirement to become a FULL ASHI member is harder than becoming a NACHI member I don’t think any organization makes the inspector.

I’d never accept anyone telling me I have to choose but I do know I’d rather stay with NACHI. This is based on years of good experiences with YOU members and the outstanding job NACHI does in promoting inspector education.

In the end however your business is built on your efforts or fails based on your lack of.

How many that checked the top choice could also check the bottom choice?

There is certainly NO other place, association, ANYTHING, a person could meet such a GREAT bunch of Inspectors, and just overall great folks, right HERE…!

I have met some of the nicest guys, gals through the years here at NACHI it’s incredible…!

Probably all of them.

Nachi only…:cool: