Dual Membership - Where Do You Stand

So Brian what is your source now for education of politics and religion that is equal to what you can only get here in the members only section? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t be too sure about that.
I left ASHI to join iNACHI not due to their educational requirements, or their criteria for becoming a full member. I left because iNACHI has a better web presence, better member benefits, and I’m not writing them nearly as many checks as I wrote to ASHI, while at the same time, getting twice the service for the money I do pay.
iNACHI also gives you more room to expand your business, they even encourage and assist you in doing so.
I plan on sticking with iNACHI, but it’s definitely not because I don’t meet some other organizations requirements. It’s because iNACHI is a better fit for my company and the way I run things.

This question appears to be directed at INACHI / ASHI dual members only but…

Is it also directed at INACHI Canadian dual membership members?

I learned that the cartoon network on TV is just as educational! :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

There is only one person or entity that can limit your business, that’s you. In what way does an organization restrain you from expanding? Just curious?

I don’t plan on leaving NACHI. Belonged to ASHI for a while but the educational materials are so much better with NACHI

The ASHI Code of Ethics used to say that you couldn’t hold a Real Estate Sales License and be a full ASHI member.
They also didn’t used to promote any kind of ancillary service, unless it specifically benefited them.

In reading their web page to try and find documentation to back up my argument, they seem to have dropped some of those requirements.
Does anyone have a current source that can verify?

I’m still not leaving NACHI - but I am curious as to whether ASHI has changed these things.