Ducane Heat pump and air handler dates??

Heat pump…Brand - Ducane ; Model # HP 12 B 60 ; Serial # 4990010516

Air Handler Model # DBP60 D-8 serial # 6005E15122

I am guessing 2005

If anyone has a date code chart for this brand please post.

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Lennon bought Ducane in 1999. My guess on the HP is 1990. No idea on the air handler. My 2 cents…

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Todd, Prestons list it (yeah really) as a 1999 or 2000 model.



Well, I just got off the phone with a Ducane warranty person and the unit was built in the 16th week of 2005.
Go figure.
There are actually 3 sets of codes and it depends on the # of digits in the serial # and if the 5th digit is a letter A-G.

If it’s 10 digits and all #s then the last 4 are where the manufacture date comes from.

Anyway, they said they would email a copy of their serial # chart’s for all products as soon as the boss gets back…:D:D:D:D:D

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Ummm, sounds kind of like the questions on the Mississippi Hwy Patrol sobriety test.


Maybe you can post a short primer on their Ciphering codesheet when you get it… :slight_smile:

I will post everything they send me.
Now let’s just hope they divy up the goods.:smiley:

I just pulled my Preston’s out of the bottom of the closet and if Ducane sends me proof that preston’s is wrong it will be going somewere besides the closet.:twisted:

I actually hope Preston’s is right, that damn thing was spendy!!:shock:

Has anyone ever found preston’s to have the wrong information?

This is all they sent:( better than nothing I suppose and it seems to show that prestons does have some missinformation.

                                                       Excel Cooling Products

** How to read a date code off serial numbers for date of manufacture**

** Serial numbers must be 10 digits**

441390311 ----- 

03 is the year
11 is the week (March of 2003)

               Branded Product serial numbers


84 is the plant location
02 is the year
F is the month (Ex. A- Jan, B- Feb, C- Mar, etc.

Keep in mind that Preston’s is a printed guide. That means that it could be out of date or contain incorrect information on the day that it is submitted to the printer. Happens all the time. That’s why it’s important to know all your resources and to use them wisely. NACHI.org is one of those resources.

That’s exactly why we all post these little snippets of info as we come across them.:smiley:

NACHI MB Members are the best, bar none!!:smiley:

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A better question would be has anyone ever found prestons to be correct? 1/2 the time I look for somthing it is not there, Also having spent $200 on both the CD (hopeless not even windows compliant) and the book (inaccurate) I will not be spending a penny of any further materials from them.

As RR would say, they suck!



Todd might be able to pull it off, but it’s too far for me to drive, even for free food!


I’ve found that using Preston’s and the Technical Reference Guide usually gets me about 95% of the information that I’m looking for.

I would never say something like that. And I don’t think you can find anything at NACHI that would prove that I ever said something like that.

Can anyone answer this question. I have a 4 ton ducane exterior compressor heat pump air handler that is 42,000btu 31/2 ton Rheem weather king. This is a mis-matched system. My concerns are all the compliants with ducane system.Is this system headed for trouble. I have posted a link for my fellow inspectors.


Why do you think it’s a mismatched system.

What you have to remember about reviews on the Internet is that the only people who write reviews on the Internet are those who are unhappy. Every company has problems here and there. If your units haven’t been recalled and are providing you with hot and cold air when called for, then just make sure your homeowner’s insurance is paid up, covers everything in your home, and go do something constructive.

Try this…