Duck Dominance

Don’t get your hopes up too high Ohio State. The Ducks are about to school you on what west coast football is all about.

Got questions??? Call Florida State. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Keep talkin’… I do have to say the ducks looked extremely good. That offense is unparalleled. Congrats on your win and good luck in the first playoff championship.

Should be an exciting game either way. I’m in SEC country, but I have to admit I was glad when OSU knocked Alabama out of the running. I don’t think anybody north of the Georgia/Florida line thought that FSU was going to win against Oregon.

The Bucks are going duck hunting…

When is “Buckeye” season??

When is “Buckeye” season??


I am impressed the Buckeyes made it this far with there 3rd string QB.
Meyer should be coach of the year.

Should be a good game.

Get your fresh, ready to roast, duck here. :smiley:


Ohio State 21
Oregon 10


I think someone’s got some crow to eat. So when does that school start? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohio State 42 Ohio State DOMINATED the Ducks HARD
Oregon 20

I’m a Hawkeye fan and tonight was the first (and probably last) time I’ve ever cheered for the Buckeyes. Great game for the Big Ten!

We were truly schooled by west coast football. Duck season is officially over…

The taste of crow is SH*TTY! Great job Ohio State. Oregon still can’t handle the tried and true ground and pound. I’ll still be rooting for Oregon next year, even without Mariota. Go Ducks!!!