Duct Throug Fire Resitive Wall Allowances

Duct through Fire Resistive Wall Allowances

Does this duct have dampers on both sides of the wall in question?


This is a bit of a tricky question as the answer is to be found under IRC Section R309.1.1, Garage Seperation.

It may seem that you would find it under Dwelling Unit Seperation Section R316. Reading further you will find in section R317 that the Townhomes and other such dwellings are to be considered seperate buildings and they are to contain no plumbing or mechanical ducts or vents. This would preclude a duct passing through such wall.
Now in a commercial application depending upon the building use classification, fire and or smoke dampers would be required. The sophistication of which would be dependent upon the use and size of the building.

Agreed - fire/smoke dampers needed.

Wow no ducts or plumbing in townhomes, who knew?:wink:

That’s why I asked post #2.

Outhouses are back in style! :smiley:

Where cross-ventilation was a must without wall penatrations.:p;):mrgreen:

first this is more of a code question
second - the response will be different for the Canadians - eh!

otherwise - good question

Sort of a code question indeed Claude as most of what we inspect has some basis in a code somewhere.

26 gauge steel is the answer I was looking for.

As for smoke dampers David please enlighten me. :slight_smile: