Duct to gable vent

Seems like a poor method of exhausting the bathroom exhaust duct.
Comments, Any.

060311-01 104.jpg

I’ve found a few like those in older homes here. Nobody likes me when I call them out. Ah, well. For some strange reason I keep doing it.

About 30% of the homes I inspect have something similar. Heck, the home I bought last summer has one that dumps into the crawls space below…notice I said “has”.

Even though I let myself know about it and reviewed the consequences with myself, I haven’t gotten round tuit. Anyone know where I can get a deal on some round tuits?

The cobbler’s children have no shoes…and all that.

Well, it is in a seldom used bath and I do visit the crawl space regularly. :wink:

I, also see them periodically and simply note it.

If there’s no obvious signs of moisture damage, it’s not really a big deal.

A couple of years ago there was a marketing web site where one could order round tuits. A web search might turn the site up again.

Thanks, Russel. As I thought about it more, it doesn’t appear to need fixin’ now but I should have some around for when I or others really need them.