dugas age



i meant Ducane

Ducane: uses two different formats on serial numbers. All of our serial numbers are ten
characters. The most common format is all ten characters are numeric. In this format the
last 4 numbers indicate the year and the week of the year. An example is your serial
number 4140720320 where the 03 is 2003 and the 20 is the 20th week of the year (2002).
The more recent format is ten character and the format is the first 4 characters are
numeric, the fifth character is alpha, and the last 5 characters are numeric. The year code
is determined from the 3rd and 4th characters that would be the last 2 digits of the
calendar year (93=1993 and 06=2006). The fifth character which is alpha represents the
month with A=January and M=December and but we do not use the letter I. This is an
example of second serial number format, 4603M12345, the 03 is 2003 and the M is

I would put the furnace at Nov. 2000 and the AC at May 2001. Does this sound right?

November 2000 for the first one, and May 2001 for the second one.