Dumb and dumber dept.

This is not a roof I inspected. It happens to be one my neighbors’ roof! He “knows everything” and had an already underventilated cathedral roof whose shingles only were replaced 3 yrs. ago when he moved in. The plywood was deteriorating (black etc.) and the soffits were mostly blocked!

So he gets ice dams, water infiltration etc. and decided to “caulk the shingles…”

Dumb and dumber…




Good one thanks !

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up but just got to shake your head.

Caulk cures all that ails the home!

You forgot the greatest stand by ( duct tape):wink: My favorite show

Long before the red Green show we had Steve Smith and his wife on TV in Canada .
Watched it every week Great talent in that family .

Yep remember that too

Do you have any close up photos?

That looks like maple tree seed pods.


Where’s the caulking? Was this roof walked?

Lol when you zoom in it sure looks like tree seed

I agree seeds that time of year We get our gutter full every year

Oh the moron, everyone knows that is a job for duct tape!

Hello? Where’s the caulk we are supposed to be seeing?


Are you blind?

No, I’m on a phone, no real need to be insulting and drag down the forum. I see a bunch of maple seeds on black shingles.

Perhaps on a desktop it looks different.

Use the figure pinch expand function. :roll:

PS. I leave the dragging down to you sir…

Maybe you would care to show us where the caulking actually is? I must be blind too…

There are hundreds of examples in the photos.

Look closely. Blow it up if you must.

I did, they all look like wirlybird seeds.

Well if they are, Gill is pulling a fast one on all of us.

I took him at his word.

If he is playing games I will stop trusting him.