Dumb Questions From A Newb

Hi all.
Yes, I’m about to ask a couple dumb questions.
Apologies in advance, I’ve been looking all over this forum
for 3 days to see if they’ve been addressed before, but I
haven’t found them.

I understand that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. :grinning:

  1. I’ve noticed the “®” symbol being used after someone
    puts the “CPI” as a title. Like this: “CPI®.”
    But I’ve also seen plenty of times it wasn’t done that way.

So, To ® or not to ®, that is the question. (Sorry, I had to.)

  1. As a new inspector, can I get some advice on some basic
    start-up issues? I’m still a bit in the dark on some things.
    For example, I’m unsure what a fair yet competitive base
    fee for a newbie like me to charge would be for my area
    (southern Maine.)

Generally, I’m just fishing for some good tips on starting my
first business and getting established.

Thank you in advance and have a great day! :smiley:


You have asked the FIRST actual dumb question(s) on this MB, thus the reason you could not find their answer!

  1. When and How Do I Have to Use Trademark Symbols?

  2. Maine is one of those unique states where the Moose dictate the market. They recommend that newbies charge half of what a seasoned inspector charges. After two years, you may increase your fee 25%, unless you are still bribing realtors with candy bowls. After 3 years, you again may increase your fees to 90% of veteran inspectors. 5 years is the target to be able to charge full fees.

Good luck!! :roll_eyes:


Sarcasm? :clap: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :beer: :beer:


Ya think?? :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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Sarcasm but often too true! :thinking:

Jacob - charge the same as the highest paid inspector in your area.
You can not arbitrarily raise your prices after day one on the job. People/Agents will call you back months/years later and ask you where your newbie price structure went!?

This means you have to get off your butt and catch up to the seasoned inspectors, like yesterday!

When you really want to make money, retire (or try to)!
You will be able to charge 300% more and they will gladly pay it.
Then you’ll be back here asking the real “Stupid Question”, why the hell didn’t I do this sooner?! So do it starting day one!

This is NOT sarcastic, I was told this when I started. I am now retired, making more money than when I was feeding Agents candy!! :innocent: Kidding, I never gave candy to anyone other than the back yard dog at an inspection!

If your not ready to charge big, don’t rush in. I know. Never likely to happen will it?


If you are a member of Internachi you can use the “Certified Professional Inspector” if you are not you cannot use the “CPI” logo because it is reserved for any Home Inspector that have completed all of the required online courses to be Identified as a Certified Home Inspector with 4 years industry experience.

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Welcome back to our forum, Fred!..Enjoy! :smile:

Thank you everyone.

I’ve lurked enough to know that Jeffrey is often sarcastic and antagonistic towards others on here, regardless of whether there is any actual call for it or not. I don’t mind, my skin isn’t thin.

But as a Minnesota native, I’m embarrassed and ashamed to possibly be from the same State, and sincerely hope he’s from Iowa so at least his poor demeanor would make sense.

In any case, I still appreciate the advice and hope All of you have a great day!

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Sorry… Born and raised on the Southwest Side of Chicago. Go Sox!

You mean Red Sox LOL

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Nope… WHITE Sox!!

As the saying goes… “If you have to say a color, you’re racist”!!

JK :wink:

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