Dumbest thing I ever have ever seen

A homeowner’s heat pump water heater would not work. After calling two plumbers that were unable to repair it, they had an electrician come out and see what he could do. In his defense, he told them only to leave it on while they took a shower and to turn it off afterwards. They did not, they went to church and it caused a leak in the home. They are lucky the house is still there and they are alive. They finally called a plumber, whom sent me these images after he turned off the power and walked away. He was smart enough to not want anything to do with this death trap.

Thanks John

good god man.

I take it that’s an auxiliary heating element (I have not seen one of the water heaters first hand) and the first electrician hard wired it bypassing the thermostat?

If that is that case: Just WOW! There is no defense for the electrician.

Did the T&P activate?

That is the auxiliary heating element, he did bypass the thermostat. I did not ask about the T&P.

They put safety features in for a reason… Just not smart.

Wow that is crazy stupid.