Dump AOL.com and FrontierNet.net, you are losing inspection business with them.

AOL.com and FrontierNet.net both block emails from consumers who are trying to contact you through many NACHI owned websites. Many of my replies to members are also blocked by these two ISP.

My advice to those using AOL.com or FrontierNet.net… Dump them.

Never have liked fricking AOL anyway. Half the time AOL will filter out the inspection report that I sent my client so they never get it.

Imagine if the United States Postal service decided which mail you should receive and which mail they would just withhold from you.

Sorry John. The Royal Canadian Mail already does that. They only deliver bills and junk mail. Everything else is land filled!:mrgreen:

There was a story on the radio not to long ago about AOL and how it gives its customers the run around who try to cancel its service. Be prepared to argue with AOL when you cancel.

They don’t argue so much as pretend to help you and then “forget” to do the work, requiring a second, third…and tenth phone call…etc…

That explains why my last customer at aol.com never
got their email link for their report…


John, writes: “AOL NAZI’s STRIKE AGAIN”

Please don’t pick on the NAZI’s. If Jeff “Mel Gibson” Hoopy sees it he’ll go nuts. :smiley:

Which brings up a question I’ve had on my mind . . .

When can we expect to drop all our earthlink.nets & aol.coms & just sign up with planetnachi.com???

If you cancel payments to AOL with your credit card that will end any arguments. Contact your credit card company and stop any future payments. I just wouldn’t waste any of my time argueing with them either. Simply tell them you are cancelling after you notify the CC company. I had an aol account about a hundred years ago but could not handle the incredibly slow connections in my area, plus constantly being bumped offline in middle of doing something. Too many other better choices today.

I hate AOL- I had them on a 6 month free trial a couple of times-they are impossable to cancel with out getting rude to their agents. The last time I had AOl-my banks issued new debit cards and that was what they had on file for payment. They sent me an e-mail stating they were canceling my service. I thought
“great won’t have to go thru calling them to do it” Yea, right-10 months later-I get a call saying that I owe them 200.00 bucks-even though I havent used AOL. I told them to @#*# off both times they called-I haven’t checked my credit report yet-but it’ll probably be on there.
AOL sucks. I hate them-hate them-hate them.
Ok-done ranting now.

Amen. They’re the kindergarten of ISPs. I can’t tell you how many times - day in and day out - my prospects, clients and associates with AOL do not receive my e-mails. Positively infuriating.

I wouldn’t wish AOL on my worst enemy, my closest competitor or my mother-in-law.

Well, maybe my mother-in-law. :twisted:

How can you tell if your emails are being blocked? I have had AOL for many yrs. Everybody I send an email to gets it and everybody who has sent me an email has arrived in my box. At least that is what I believe. I have never had anyone ask me why I haven’t responded to an email nor have I had anyone tell me that they didn’t receive my email.
I am not sticking up for AOL in any way. I am just stating the facts as they have been applied to me. Any clarification on how to know if your are not getting emails or emails not arriving to clients would greatly be appreciated.
This is the first time I am hearing about this.

It has everything to do with “attachments” and “buddy lists”.

It usually does not affect “AOL user” sending to others. It affects Others sending to “AOL users”. (Most of the time.)

If I was to send an AOL user a large Email or an Email with an attachment it would either be bounced back to me or be “LOST” all together. If I was on the AOL users Buddy list the AOL user might get my message WITHOUT any attachments or not at all. If both people are AOL users, all of the messages most likely will go through. It is AOL’s way of trying to monopolizing things by saying it’s all for your safety. “Firewalls, Spam Blockers, Etc., Etc.”

As an AOL User you never see how many messages they block from you. Only those who are not conforming to them know how much mail your not getting.

Louis - send me your AOL e-mail address and I will send you a sample attachment to see if goes through. My guess is it won’t, but it’s worth testing out.

Just had this exact experience yesterday with an AOL user (client). He could not open any of the attachments. I ended up having to resent it to him. It was a photo album in standard jpg. I suspected it was aol causing the problem but you have confirmed it in my mind. Other ones that tend to give my clients email problems is Juno and hotmail accounts.

I think they have a small size limit on EACH Email you can receive through them. That could be the problem with them.

My netscape mail gives me problems when I want to receive messages that are 1 meg or larger.

Most of the free or cheap e-mail accounts have a size limitation on e-mail and attachments. And junk mail folders to collect junk.

That’s why it’s a good idea to upload your report to a website and then just send the link in the small e-mail.

I used to use PDF’s uploaded to my website but recently switched to HomeGauge. Both work fine at getting past these limitations, though the hotmail addresses usually found my e-mail in their junk folder.

AOL & HotMail were the main reasons that when I had my website designed I made sure that it was possible to upload files so that people who’s account blocked file attachments could still have a way for them to get their report by downloading from an emailed link.

Good idea