Duplex report form?

What reporting software do y’all use when doing a duplex? I think I’ll use tap inspect for my first duplex inspection Tuesday but was curious if there are better options.

Many software ware companies offer a number of free reports to test. Our KentonShepard put this together:


April, it’s up to you, but using TI, I would do separate reports “Detailed or Basic” to whichever you choose. One external system that may or may not affect both units should be inspected in whole, but separated per unit. Usually each unit has individual systems except for the the foundation, roof and exterior. Inspect and treat that as one, but note anything that would affect either or both units.

I would do separate reports. Unit 1 and 2.

That’s what I was wondering. One or two reports. I’ve done a 4 unit before but wasn’t told it was a 4 unit. I was told two separate buildings which it was but still. I somehow managed one report but I wasn’t happy how it came out.

What software have you been using? I could not imagine making a switch 2 days before an inspection but Other folks are quick quick with this stuff. Not me. I use HomeGauge, I do not write in the field or use mobile software. I have multiple templates I have created over the years for multi-unit, phase inspections, commercial etc. Best of luck with your first duplex!

One structure one report. Separate buildings separate reports. That’s how I do it but I am an odd duck.


It’s one building.

Report form pro nitro. I’ve use tap inspect for my last inspection. I’ve been using the first one since the beginning because I got it for free for graduating my certification. It’s 399 value but it’s missing so many things I want added to my report.

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Thank you. I’ve been debating on getting the narratives for a while. Seeing I can add them to tap inspect makes me want them even more. I believe I’ll get them now.

Use your regular report and just edit/add locations e.g. Unit 1 water heater, Unit B NW window, etc.


April- I use TapInspect too. For a duplex, I typically just use the standard home inspection template, which I customized for some for other reasons, and I just add a comment in each section and identify which unit I am inspecting in the comment. So for example, in the kitchen section, I would have two comments, one about Unit #1 kitchen, and one about Unit #2 kitchen. Just identify and number them in the comment to keep them organized. You can also use pictures with your fingers in them (holding up a 1 or 2) during your inspection to keep yourself organized. I found this much more readable and understandable for the clients and realtors than the Multi Family template that comes standard with TapInspect. It also keeps each section together as you read the report and for contractors who may need it for repairs. For example, the electrician can see both panels and other electrical comments in one section, for both units and doesn’t have to search through what would basically be two separate reports for each unit if done the other way. In practice for me, this has been much better received than doing each unit individually in terms of organizing the report.

I’m not a fan of some of the other templates, and have made many of my own. I had done my first few Multi-units with the standard Multi family template and some of the feedback was negative in terms on the report structure. After that, I switched to how I described above and have gotten nothing but good feedback since. Fortunately, TapInspect is very customizable, so you can make or modify any type of template easily.


The same software I use for home inspections.

A duplex is just two single-family residences under on roof.
1: When you start the inspection, the exterior, grounds, walk, driveway, foundation, envelope, structure and roof are one in the same.
Two single-family dwellings under on roof.
2: Take an image of ‘each civic address’ when you start the interior. That way you know how to allocate/associate/orientate components and systems along with defects and deficiencies recommendations.
Old Water heater. 3322 Belmont.
Damaged Light switch cover. 3322 Belmont
Loose toilet. 3324 Belmont.
No GFCI. Kitchen. 3322 Belmont.
No GFCI. Kitchen. 3324 Belmont.
Slipped a note from renter to drop by for supper. 3324 Belmont.
Slipped a note from renters husband not to drop by for supper if slipped a note from renter to drop by for supper. 3324 Belmont. Lol…

It just a bit more complicated than a single family home. Charge accordingly.
I add between $100.00 and $150.00 as compared to a single family bungalow or 2.5 story home.

Keep us posted. Members can help with reporting.
Tell us how it went at the end.
Good luck with your endeavor.


awhitlock2 How did you make out with the duplex inspection? What did you end up doing with the software?

The lady had financial problems and didn’t get the place so…

Well that stinks, but at least you’ll have some ideas regarding the software for the next time you encounter a duplex

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No worries. Every call is one posable client. I never get all prospective inspection clients.
You will do fine. Get your name out there more.

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