Dura-Pex (NIBCO)Problems

add me to your list just had my 5th repair in 3 years. in Rock Hill SC house built in 2000

Class action settlement signed December 12. 2012



I have just had my 5th repair. I am now going to have all of the red pex removed from my house. All leaks on the hot water in the middle of the pipe. House was built in 1997. Had 3 leaks a couple of years ago. Then in the last month have 2 more. 1st 3 in the wall, last 2 in the ceiling. After 2nd leak, sent the pipe to Drua-pex, the told me nothing wron with the pipe must be the pressure…Nothing wron with the pressure. Anyone know of any lawsuits?

This not against Dura-pex…anyone know of any against dura-pex and the red pex pipe?

Had this type of pipe come up on a inspection today an info available?

Be careful, there is no proof of any manuf defect that I know of, the issues could be due to improper storage of the pipe by plumbers. For example, they carry the PEX around for weeks on their trucks. Some also stress the pipes with too much pressure during initial testing. They also don’t always install thermal expansion protection.

I think there may have been a defective run of pipe from a factory but good luck proving that.

I have the red durapex connected directly to a water heater now for 10 years. I think my pipes were made sometime in 2001. I have a thermal expansion tank since my well tank is isolated with a check valve that is there for my recirculation system.

Thanks Bruce there was no problem with it i just remembered something had been said and wanted a update

Misread, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

I have had a flood in two of my homes which were plumbed at the same time with the same batch of pex that I picked up at Bogan Supply in Crestview Fl. Took them straight to site and plumbed homes. So, no storage issues here just bad pex pipe by Nibco. Waiting on reply from Nibco. Rick

I live in mobile al. I am having problems with the pin holes on the hot water pipe. My home was built in 2009. I`have had to repair three leaks this year. My plummer said that the pipe is faulty, I am going to contact the manufactor.

As I type, we are having ALL of our hot water pipes replaced under the house ('can’t afford the upstairs). We have had 8 leaks thus far since 2006 (one upstairs). Many of our neighbors have had similar problems and expenses. This Dura-pex pipe was NOT left out since it’s date is stamped 6/24/1997 and this house was built the next month in Gastonia, NC. Water pressures have been checked, expansion tank installed in 2008, and repairs made. 'Looking for legal counsel! accurrie@bellsouth.net

Try this for starters


I have had 3 repairs under my slab, 2 on the hot water side and now tis will be 2 repairs on my cold water side. today’s date 9-27-2012. my home built 2005. I heard there is a class action lawsuit from one of my plumber’s if you know let me know. thanks 251-406-0016

Try this link. This is the Canadian portion of the settlement but include information for U.S. also


Kitec is another subject matter.
This thread is about Durapex red pipes.

For settlement purposes only, the Settling Parties have agreed to the Courts’ certification of the following classes of Persons in regard to claims regarding the Kitec System (which may consist of components, individual parts, or as a system, PEX-AL-PEX, PE-AL-PE, PERT-AL-PERT, PEX pipe, valves, fittings, and/or components, manufactured by or on behalf of IPEX whether sold under the names Kitec, PlumbBetter, IPEX AQUA, WarmRite, Kitec XPA, AmbioComfort, XPA, KERR Controls, Plomberie Améliorée or otherwise).

I though I was the only person that have trouble with this piping. I have had leaking started 11/11/11 and before. I to looking for a Lawyer to file a law suite. please let me know if you all find one. eljones00@aol.com. Thank you.

i like every one else as had the same problem. Ive had 3 times the cold water line bust right on top of the hotwater heater, but was fixable being out side the wall but flooded into my kitchen messing up my floors, not quite a year ago the cold water line busted in my slab from the guest bathroom was able to fix it with a 1/2 in pipe inside my 3/4 pipe back to the supply split coming up behind my hot water heater,as of last night my hot water line busted in the slab heading to mykitchen sink and the same method is not going to work again theres to many cupplings before it comes ot of the base of the floor without taking out the cabinets and wall just for a temporary fix unitl the next occurance wherever that might be. i had benchmark come a year ago house still under warranty but the said im pretty much screwd because dura pex went belly up another company bought them out but only bought the assetts not the warranty side.so theres no one to hold to the fire so like evryone else im left to fix it out of my own pocket but my pocket is not that deep on top of the whole new ac system just had to be installed i ( onther great story)im working to hard just to live under this roof ,insurance company will onky pay for damage not new piping so before i have to replum the hole house ,so is there any type of help , national lawsuit something, house was built in 03 i bought in 2006 and the last 3 yrs all the problems started home is baldwin county or email me at justinmorris@centurytel.net

Please add me to the ever growing list! I am having my 5th or 6th leak this year as I type this! I have neighbors on each side that have also had multiple leaks!

We also live in Baldwin County AL. We have had 4 leaks in straight sections of red CPI Dura-Pex in the last 6 years, one of which caused a big flood. Our home was built in 2002. 3 of the leaks were within 2 feet of the hot water side of a hot water heater. 1 leak was on the cold side. 3 of the leaks looked like a pinhole (although the pex was splitting longwise in each case) and 1 was a gusher. So far, all leaks were outside of walls or slabs, but based on what I’m reading I bet we won’t be that “lucky” for long. Insurance covered the first flood in 2006; we caught all the other leaks very quickly (only because we were home and heard when they started) and turned off the water to the house and were able to clean up the messes. For each one of us that reports a problem in a forum such as this, there are many others who don’t think to do so. There is no way a problem of this magnitude can be blamed on incorrect plumbing practices. The material is simply not suitable for this use. lynnfamily-gulftel-com