During an inspection today

They cut the lintel to fit the opener for the garage door.

Pic  00041.jpg

Pic  00050.jpg

Pic  00051.jpg

At least they used strapping to hold it in place!!! :D:D:D

That “Beam Pocket” in the first photo is a telling sign of the perpetrators demise----:shock:----:smiley:

I also like the column. Must have been in the way of the car.

They are very brave parking their car under their. Not as extreme, but here is something related.




And all that to install this…



Nice one!

which one will cover the pending damage… homeowners or car insurance?

About ten years ago, I ran into one of those… curiously I stepped on my ladder and just wanted to sight down and see how much sag. 2-3" over twenty feet… could be worse. :slight_smile:

Well, the homeowner saw me and told me to leave after I mentioned what I was looking at. “I did that, there’s no way to put an opener in if you don’t drill a hole thru it or something, are you stupid”? I told him I was stupid, I just didn’t mention that I was stupid for saying anything at all about what I was looking at.

I was almost done, and didn’t want to entertain Mr. Homeowner’s color commentary, but the clients were insistent on my finishing up what I could and getting a picture, (might have even been a polaroid then). I pretty much finished up the whole thing (was about done anyway). Wrote up the report and assumed that everyone lived happy ever after. After I made note as to what I couldn’t look at as the owner was telling me he was gonna kick my @#$. :slight_smile:


I wonder what those skyhooks are supported by? Oh, duh, stupid me…the **sky, **of course.

You mean the strapping Richard? Man, I thought you architechs were smarter than that. Those straps are secured to the joists above that are supported on the beam that is supported by the strapping. It is a full circle of support. Didn’t you guys study that in architech’s school? :mrgreen: